Search Engine Optimization – Included in All Websites By Jen

Understanding how search engines work, what factors they use in ranking a website, and then capitalizing on those factors, is an important part of creating an effective web design. Every Website by Jen is designed with search engine strategies in mind.

SEO for Existing Websites

You already have a website, and are wondering why you don’t get any visitors. Hmmmm….

We can provide you with an detailed report on your site’s search ability status, information about how to improve your site to optimize search engine strategies, and recommendations on how to promote your site and improve your search engine ranking organically.

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What’s a Meta Tag?

Meta Tags are lines of text in the “code” of your web page that are visible to the computer system or browser reading your page. Meta Tags give your page a Title, Description, Keywords, and many other factors that search engines can use to help identify your site. Including Meta Tags in your web site structure is an important component, but understanding the meta tags available, and how they work with the rest of your site, is also important.

Are Keywords the Key?

Some people assume that if they include a Meta list of Keywords in their home page, they will automatically jump to the top of the search engines any time one of those keywords is entered. If it were only that easy! Keywords can be effective when combined with other important elements of your site, but this is only one piece of the SEO puzzle.

Is Meta All that Matters?

Getting your site out there, complete with gorgeous graphics, robust content, and all the meta information we can muster, is just a start. Reliable Business Support can also help you with other site promotion techniques. We offer custom HTML email services to help you promote your site to your contact list. Ongoing updates are important too. We can help you with regular maintenance to keep your information fresh.

Which Comes First, the Visitors or the Search Engine?

Why isn’t your website #1? Remember, you’re competing with millions of other web pages! Try, for example, a Google search for “Web Design Colorado”. The results…hundreds of pages of listings! But, you’re here aren’t you? Whether you found us on a search engine, saw an advertisement, or followed a link on another of the Web Sites by Jen, the important thing is that you got here. The same idea goes for visitors to your own site – just get them there!